Special Needs/Disabilities

One-to-one Lessons with Children and Adults with Special Needs & Disabilities

Since the Ormerod Pool closed in Oxford, there are now limited places for children and adults with special needs to do their swimming/therapy in a warm pool.

I set up Aquatherapy to help those who need it most and I prioritise my one-to-one classes for those people. I have worked with most of the physiotherapists in county over the past 30 years, making sure people with special needs/disabilities, get their therapy/swimming combined so that you get the very best out of the water. This can really only be done in warm water, to help the body/muscles release from stress and tension.

I am the leading specialist in this area due to my qualifications, years of experience and a reputation given to me from the work that I have done and still do in and around County from time to time.

My group classes are also suitable for many special needs (see Aquakids/Babes)

For Special needs only classes please see Aquakids Beginners SEN Parent and Child, Aquakids Improvers SEN and Aquateens-Adults Beginners SEN Parent/Carer. 

School Swimming/Integration

You may have a child with special needs that are starting swimming with school. I am called out from time to time to different schools in Oxfordshire and Bucks to assess and write a programmes so that your child gets the very best out of the water and enjoys being with their class mates at the same time. This I do at a very reasonable rate for schools as there is little money in county to do this. Also there is no one else in Oxfordshire and bucks who is qualified to do this particular type of work. See inset training for full details and cost.

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