Aquatherapy Covid Safety Measures

These measures must be adhered to at all times to help to keep each other safe.

Attending your lesson

It is important to arrive 5-10 minutes before your lesson is due to start and not before. If you are late and the previous class are in the changing room, please wait until a space becomes available as we are trying to keep groups separate for everyone’s safety to try to prevent the spread of Covid.

Come swim ready

Whenever possible wear your swim wear under your clothes so you can

change quickly.

Entering and Leaving the pool area

Take off your shoes at the door and put them in your bag.

I encourage you to wear a mask.

Sanitise your hands with sanitiser provided at the door.

When leaving put your shoes on by the door and sanitise your hands.

Mask wearing is encouraged on pool side and in the changing rooms when changing.

Changing Rooms

Ladies changing room first on the left, Gents second on the left.

Use the disinfectant spray provided to sterilise your changing station,

before and after use.

Put ALL belonging in your bag and close it. Do Not leave coats, towels etc

handing on pegs and laid across benches, try to use as little space as


When changing try to have you back to other people whenever possible.

DO NOT touch other peoples belonging and DO NOT let you child

wander around the changing room.


ALL children must be accompanied to the bathroom by an adult. Make sure

hands  are washed and sanitised when finished.


Shower before entering the pool, this is mainly for adults to do.

Masks and Sheilds

Aquakids Beginners and Aquababes classes, if adults wish to wear a face shield 

(not mask) in the water this I encourage.

If anyone wishes to wear a mask coming into the pool area, changing rooms or whilst watching

your child in a AKI class, this is most definitely encouraged.

I do encourage everyone to continue to wear a mask in the pool area and changing rooms, as more people are coming back to lessons.

This is simply because we are indoors and mixing with more people,

if you choose not to that is your choice and ask you to be

mindful of keeping your distance.

No spectators on poolside without authorisation

Due to being indoors we are trying to keep numbers to a minimum.

1 Adult per child, no spectators on pool side except for parents attending the

AKI classes, or sibling waiting their term for back to back lessons.

If you need to bring siblings with you, please get authorisation from Andrea

before the course starts.

Those that have permission to sit on poolside, please use designated seating only.

 I ask everyone to be respectful of others when it comes to

distancing and mask wearing.

  If you are not well or feel under the weather, please get

tested and wait results before coming to your lesson.

  NHS Covid Tests are FREE, school aged children are encouraged to

test twice a week. Once the school holidays have started I advise and would ask

you test your child on the day of their lesson.

These measures are put in place to help keep people safe

and to try to prevent the spread of Covid within the swim school.

I will still be keeping my distance as I see a

lot of swimmers in a day and will continue to wear a face shield when needed, to help to

keep you and myself safe.



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