Aquatherapy Health & Safety Measures for Swimming

These measures must be adhered to at all times to help to keep everyone safe.

Attending your lesson

Swim England and the RLSS stipulate that a pupil, Adult or child should  NOT swim if they are unwell/sick for health and safety reasons, therefore if you test Positive for Covid you must NOT swim even if you have no symptoms as you are putting yourself and others at risk.

Eat more than an hour before your lessons starts, NOT just before.

Entering and Leaving the pool area

Take OFF your SHOES at the door and put them in your bag, or wear shoe covers.

Mask wearing

If you want to wear a mask whilst in the pool area this is absolutely fine and everyone must be respectful of those who wish to do so.

Sanitise your hands with sanitiser provided at the door.

Changing Rooms

Ladies changing room first on the left, Gents second on the left.

Use the disinfectant spray provided to sterilise your changing station,

before and after use.

Put ALL belonging in your bag and close it.

DO NOT touch other peoples belonging and DO NOT let you child

wander around the changing room.

DO NOT remove benches or chairs in the changing room to use to sit on pool side.

Please take home your used nappies


ALL children must be accompanied to the bathroom by an adult. Make sure

hands are washed and sanitised when finished.


Shower before entering the pool, this is mainly for adults to do.

Waiting for your lesson or spectating, please sit quietly whilst waiting for your turn and if watching a lesson that your child is taking part in, please DO NOT talk to them whilst the lesson is in progress as they need to pay attention to what is happening within the lesson and could miss vital information being taught. When sitting on poolside please keep away from the edge of the pool as this can be distracting for pupils in the water.

No spectators on poolside without authorisation from Andrea Douglas

You are responsible for your child and their behaviour the whole time they are on school premises.

NO SMOKING on the school premises at any time.

These measures are put in place to help keep people safe.



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