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Many people want to improve there stroke, but as an adult you don’t have time for weekly courses, or possibly lack confidence in a large pool.

Majority of people who can swim, swim badly creating all sorts of unwanted stress to the body, and although you think you have given your body a good workout by swimming several lengths and feeling tired at the end of it, you’ve actually, possibly created tension and knots all over your body or even maybe have injured yourself and not realised it.

These workshops help to improve your stroke technique and destress your body in order for you to tone and work the body to increase you fitness.

Front Crawl Workshop coming soon November 2017, date to be confirmed.

£40 per person


Front Crawl Workshop for Adults, (Using the Shaw Method of Swimming) 

The Front Crawl workshop is not one to be missed if you have always wanted to swim it well. The first hour will be spent on land, teaching you all about alignment, breath control, correct arm and leg action. I will be teaching you how to free your body from stress and to swim this stroke with ease.

The second hour we take to the water and put into practice what we have learnt. Don’t worry the water is beautifully warm so no fear of being cold.


Places are Limited so book today on 07949 729 384.

Breast Stroke workshop for Adults, (Shaw Method of Swimming) at Bardwell School Pool.

Coming soon

This workshop you do not want to miss. Most people struggle with this stroke and get neck and back ache from doing it. learn to do this stroke with ease.

The first hour is done on land looking at the alignment of your head, neck and back. We will also be looking at arm and leg action before going into the water.

The second hour we get into the water and practice step by step what we have just learnt.

Spaces are limited so book today on 07949 729 384

Terms and Conditions

Workshops are non refundable or transferable unless cancelled by Andrea Douglas, this is standard practice

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