Aquatherapy Babes Levels 1- 8

 Now taking bookings for Aquababes level 1 starting Saturday 13/7 at 9.45am

 Please make sure you read Aquatherapy’s Health & Safety Measures for swimming, and Term & Conditions before booking your place as you agree to those once you have made payment.

See below for Cost, Times, dates and Terms and Conditions

Aquababes is a very unique programme, based on learning important swimming/life saving skills and relaxation therapy techniques, to help parent and child get the best out of their time together in the water.

If you join any of my classes I will teach you and your child to love the water, even if you think that is not possible due to your own fears, you have nothing to lose but to try or at least phone and chat to me.

I have made sure that my classes are the most competitive around, as I believe swimming should be affordable for everyone. This is not a franchise but an independent company, therefore I can beat any franchise on price, value for money and with the highest standards of teaching and of course customer care.

With my classes I look at everyone as an individual in the water, not as a group, and put you and your child’s safety and well-being first.

This is a programme done to music to help relax and stimulate your child whilst teaching them valuable swimming skills. Level 1 teaches you how to build water confidence with your little one. The glide position is taught first on the front and back as this is the most important position and is imperative to stroke technique which comes later on. Basic Breath control is also taught from an early age and a very important life saving skill. The technique I use for this I started back in the early to mid 1990’s with children with special needs, a technique that is gentle, safe and helps to bring back the gag reflex that babies can lose, this technique prepares them to submerge safely. I still use this today and have great success with it. Nothing is ever forced in my classes as it doesn’t take much for a child to lose confidence and to become afraid of the water, this is something that can stay with a child for life if not dealt with correctly, this is what I call the TLC approach, and is so important for a child’s Aqua development. Babies develop at a rate that is natural to them, like with learning to crawl, walk and talk, it is the same with teaching them to swim, some little ones take to swimming quicker than others and the more you take them swimming the quicker they will learn, but at a pace that is comfortable for them. As you move through the Aquababes levels you will learn new life saving skills such as continued development of Breath Control, balance and bouyancy control, rotation, leg and arm action, up thrust (treading water) and many other water skills that will help to keep them safe, which every parent wants for their child.

The course is run over 7 weeks, and each session is half an hour long.

Photos are done at each level and are free on completion of the course, you will also receive a secure link for your class only, to obtain your certificate and photo’s which are sent by email. Photos and Certificates are FREE. 

Each Level costs £95.34 for the 7 week course 

This Term dates 25/5 – 6/7

Next Terms Dates 13/7 – 14/9 (Please note there is a summer break after the 10/8 and we resume the course from 7/9

9.45am Level 1&2, 10.15am Levels 3-5, 11.15am Levels 5-8,

For discounts on your next course please see Reward Scheme for current clients.

Terms and Conditions

Only full payment can secure a place.

Please note that all courses are non refundable or transferable to another term or date under any circumstances unless the whole course is cancelled by Andrea Douglas (This is standard practice when booking any course) Aquatherapy DO NOT except any responsibility for accidents or illness that happen outside teaching hours and as such are not eligible for a refund. Once payment is made to secure a place you have agreed to the terms and conditions set out on this page. Should any session be cancelled by Andrea Douglas, a later date will be given to replace the cancelled session.

Should Aquatherapy be forced to close due to any other unforeseen circumstance out of their control, classes will only be postponed NOT cancelled, therefore are not eligible for a refund, clients will receive what is owed through lessons paid for.

In order to complete the course you must attend 5/6 out of the 7 sessions to receive your photo’s and certificate. If you do not quite manage to attend the above and only manage 3/4, then don’t worry you will be worked at two levels next time in order to catch up, however you then have to attend 7 lessons in order to achieve this and do the homework set.

Aquatherapy are not responsible for individuals items, therefore any valuables left in the changing rooms are done at your own risk.

Please Note – Photos are not to be taken by anyone other than the Class Teacher, this is to protect every clients confidentiality and must be respected and adhered to at all times. Failure to comply to this may mean exclusion from the rest of the course, with no refund given.


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