Inset Training-Support & Communication

Support, Communication and Therapy Techniques

This course covers-

-Introduces The Shaw Method of Swimming-Learning about Alignment

-Physical Support

-Introduces-The Halliwick Method

-Introduces-The Douglas Techniques

-Balance/Bouyancy Control


-Personal Programmes

-Combining Therapies-Physiotherapy, Speech and Language, and Music Therapy

– The Power of Music

This course has proven to be successful for those working with Clients with special needs/disabilities and teaches you ‘The Carer’ how to communticate and give support when in the water, so that you and the Client can get the best out of your time together.

Support for Children with Special in Mainstream Schools 

The above Programme can also be done on a smaller individual scale for children with special needs in mainstream swimming classes. Visits can be arrange to the pool of your choice, where your pupil is swimming with their class mates and a programme designed so that the pupil gets the best out of their time in the water whilst swimming with their class. The aim is to give support to child/swimmer and staff

Visit & Assessment £25 + travel expenses

Report and Programme £25

follow up visit, if required £20

This course can be done in a day or over two days if required

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