Aquababes ‘Class in a Bath’ (AquaBath) ZOOM

Aquababes ‘Class in a Bath’ (AquaBath)

All Clients will need to download Zoom free to their phone or PC/Laptop and will receive an ID code and Password prior to the start of these sessions. Make sure you download to a device that you can take into the bathroom with you. When you log in you will be put into a waiting room and from there will be able to join the class. Please wait until asked to put your little one into the bath. Please make sure your child is wearing either a swim nappy or costume during these classes or cover your camera if you wish for your child to be naked as other clients in the class will be able to see you during these sessions.

Please have toys, sponge or flannel and something for pouring water, plastic cup, jug, small watering can.

These Zoom Classes are designed to help build and maintain…..

Water Confidence

Breath Control




These classes will also help to prepare your child with skills ready to use in the pool. They will also help to relax your child ready for bed.

There will be certain activities that cannot be done in the bath, such as submerging and the glide position on the front, but have been adapted to maintain many skills already learnt and new skills that can be done on the back or in the vertical ready for when we return to the pool.

These classes are to help maintain skills already learnt and to continue to develop new skills ready for the pool. These will not be run in the same way as Aquababes pool levels as not everything can be done in a bath. The level you have completed from last term will then enable you to move to the next level once back in the pool with new skills already practiced and learnt from these sessions. It is really important to keep up practices so that you don’t fall behind. Children can forget certain skills learnt, if some level of practice isn’t maintained.

Attendance Certificates for taking part in these classes will be issued at the end of the 6 week term which will be emailed to you. You have to do at least 6 sessions in order to receive your certificate and they are only to show you have taken part in these classes. You can do 3 classes a week if you wish at no extra cost.

Terms and conditions

Aquatherapy except no responsibility for clients wifi signal or any device used in order to take part in these classes. Parents are responsible for their own child’s safety during these classes and we except no responsibility should a child not want to take part in these sessions, however advice will be offered to help your child participate. We take no responsibility for sickness or accidents that occure during any course running and does not qualify you for a refund. Only full payment can secure a place and is non refundable once payment has been received by Aquatherapy. Should the pool reopen during this course, the sessions may move to another day of the week for you to complete your allocated lessons and does not qualify you for a refund, however should the change of day not suit you and you are booked onto the next full course in the pool, the fee remaining can be taken off your next booking. If Aquatherapy are unable to provide a session due to staff sickness or technical problems you will be notified and another session will be set to replace the cancelled session. When making payment you are agreeing to the Terms and conditions set out above.




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